How Does Buddhism Differ From Christianity?

How does Buddhism differ from Christianity? If you could take Buddhism and Christianity and just bring these beliefs up side-by-side and take a look, how would they look different and where would they compare? I’ve put together a chart for you to try to help you to get your hands around the differences. 

Buddhism, they rely on self. Yet Christians say deny yourself, that’s Jesus’ words. 

The Buddhist says death is not final but for the Christian, death is final. 

For the Buddhists, they reject all forms of desire. Yet Christians encourage godly desire. 

Buddhism says suffering is bad. Yet Christianity says suffering can be good. 

Buddhism is based on much speculation but Christianity is based on many facts. 

Buddhism looks to experience nirvana through extinction. Yet Christianity, heaven through grace. 

Buddhism is about reincarnation where Christianity is ultimately about resurrection. 

Buddhism, you have none who sinned yet in Christianity we say all have sinned. 

With Buddhism, there’s karma which determines one’s destiny. Yet in Christianity, it’s grace that determines one’s destiny. 

With Buddhism, they deny the meaning of life. Yet Christianity gives meaning to life. 

With Buddhism there’s no assurance beyond the grave. Yet with Christianity there is absolute assurance beyond the grave.

With Buddhism there’s no credible set of scriptures yet Christianity provides a credible set of scriptures in the Bible.

With Buddhism the world is an evil illusion. Yet with Christianity the world is a good reality, yet it’s been marked by sin.

In Buddhism God is an impersonal force. Yet in Christianity God is a personal being that we can know.

In Buddhism you must save yourself. Yet in Christianity you can’t save yourself.

In Buddhism God cannot be known. In Christianity God can be known.

In Buddhism there’s no clear view of God. In Christianity there’s a very clear view of God.

In Buddhism, they believe in pantheism that all is God. Yet in Christianity we believe in monotheism – that there is one God revealed in three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

So there it is – the great comparison. Christianity no doubt offers up the better worldview solution and the better hope of an eternity with God.