Is everything an illusion?

Well, the Buddha says that suffering and evil is just an illusion, that it stems from our desire. And that in fact we ourselves as individuals, the ego does not exist. And that the world is an illusion. So therefore what’s the solution? Meditative practice. Meditative practice is going to be your salvation. It’s going to bring peace and everything to the earth. I don’t think so. Jesus taught that evil is real. Now those of you that think it’s an illusion, let me stick you in a room with a psychopathic killer who’s about to – I don’t know if you’ve ever seen the movie “Saw” – he’s about to perform this type of torture, satanic twisted evil to you. Now are you, in the midst of that evil, going to be like “Oh this is just an illusion. Let me just meditate this away.” Because that’s what the Buddhism, Buddha essentially teaches, that all this is an illusion. Jesus says no, you are very real, evil is very real.